Objectives of the CSPL


To support physicians in their roles as physician leaders

To provide a forum for educational and networking between and among physician leaders

To facilitate physician access to world-class professional development without major career/practice interruptions

To work closely with Joule, a CMA company in its leadership development

Acquire practical tools to help its members grow and succeed


To develop and support physician leaders to be successful in health care leadership and management roles.


To be the “go to” organization for physician leaders

Historical overview

Founded in 1998, the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders (CSPL) provides a support and development network to the growing cadre of Canadian physician managers. The CSPL seeks out opportunities and partnerships to increase members' exposure to quality professional development programs, either by promoting existing programs or developing new initiatives.


The Canadian Society of Physician Executives (CSPE -- now known as CSPL) was founded in 1998 and incorporated in 2000 by Dr. Chris Carruthers (Ontario) and co-founder, Dr. Dennis Kendel (Saskatchewan) plus six physicians and one CMA Director.  From 2002-2015 the CSPL office resided at CMA House in Ottawa.  The CMA and CSPL established a formal Memorandum of Agreement and the CSPL applied for CMA affiliate status which was granted in 2002.  As both organizations continued to work in collaboration and build capacity for physician success in leadership and management, two collaborative programs were created in 2010: 1)  The “Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership” and 2) the “Canadian Certified Physician Executive (CCPE)” credential.  Both of these programs also work closely with the Physician Leadership Institute (formerly known as PMI).  The PLI is owned and operated under Joule, a CMA company.


In 2015, the CSPL not only moved locations and became a fully independent organization but had a name change from Canadian Society of Physician Executives (CCPE) to the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders (CSPL).  The CSPL currently employs two part-time staff --  Executive Director and Program Manager.  The CSPL is a relatively small organization of just 400 members, but continues to offer members such benefits as the Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership, a biweekly e-newsletter, job opportunity postings and remains the secretariat for both the Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership (CCPL) and the Canadian Certified Physician Executive (CCPE).

Member benefits

Quarterly CSPL e-Journal keeping you current on industry trends

  • Canadian Certified Physician Executive (CCPE) credential nationally recognized, standards-based peer assessment for physicians in leadership roles
  • Annual Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership network with colleagues
  • Mentorship Program

Questions and/or Comments

For any CSPL member who is interested in being a mentor contact Carol Rochefort

Any comments, concerns or questions should be addressed to Ms. Carol Rochefort, Executive Director (613) 369-8322 ext. 100 or email:


Development Opportunities

Current and ongoing changes in the Canadian health system have and will continue to create unique opportunities for physicians to assume leadership roles in shaping the future of health care in Canada. Now more than ever, clinicians are assuming leadership and managerial positions requiring new attitudes, behaviours and skills.


Opportunities for "on the job" development of leadership and management skills and experience are limited. Often, physicians assume management positions with little or no management training - and physiciancentred, Canadian-based professional development opportunities or resources for leading-edge health management practices are few.


Imagine what can be accomplished if we transform the current apprenticeship, intuition and trial and error approach to the evidence-based, best practice infused professional development model currently available for business leaders!


We can and MUST do more to support and develop physician leaders. And we MUST do it with the same level of excellence we have come to expect from clinical training.

Job Opportunities

CSPL Listserv

The CSPL “member only listserv” currently reaches over 400 members.  These emails are direct to members.  Members who did not want to receive these postings were taken off the listserv.  Any CSPL member can reinstate or decline to be on the listserv.


Posting of Positions

The hospital/institution, organization, or search firm will contact the CSPL when a job position becomes available for posting. A full detailed job description of the position along with contact information, deadlines and qualifications will accompany each posting.



The CSPL will make the first contact with the hospital/institution, organization or search firm.  The sender of the position will not have access to the CSPL member’s emails.  The process of posting positions will be done directly to members through the CSPL office.  Once a member makes contact with the sender to apply for a position or get further information about a specific posting, the CSPL will no longer have any contact between the two parties.



There is a set fee ($475.00 plus applicable taxes) for posting job opportunities on the CSPL listserv.  Each job opportunity will be considered one posting.  All jobs will be posted first and an invoice will be mailed within two weeks.


Questions and/or Comments

Any comments, concerns or questions should be addressed to Ms. Carol Rochefort, Director (613) 613 369-8322 ext. 100 or email:

Board of Directors



Becky Ann Temple, M.D., CCFP, CCPE

Medical Director Northeast

Medical Lead Privilege Dictionary Review, BCMQI

Northern Health, NE Corporate Office Fort St. John, BC




Dr. John Van Aerde

Clinical Professor of Pediatrics - Univ of British Columbia and Alberta

Associate Faculty - Leadership Studies - Royal Roads Univ

Editor-in-Chief / Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership

Ladysmith, BC




Dr. Rowland (Rollie) Nichol

Associate Chief Medical Officer

Alberta Health Services

Calgary, AB





Dr. Shannon Fraser

Interim Chief of Surgery

Lakeshore General Hospital

Chief General Surgery

Jewish General Hospital

Montreal, QC



Board Member

Dr Neil Branch

Medical Director

Vitalité Health Network

Chaleur Regional Hospital

Bathurst, NB


Board Member

Dr. Brendan S.J. Carr

President & CEO

William Osler Health System

Brampton Civic Hospital

Brampton, ON



Board Member

Dr. Pamela Eisener-Parsche


Physician Consulting Services, CMPA, Ottawa, ON




Board Member

Dr. Mamta Gautam

President and CEO, PEAK MD Inc.

Department of Psychiatry,

University of Ottawa

Psychosocial Oncology,

The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON


Board Member

Dr. Martin Vogel

Physician Lead

Connecting Northern and

Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, ON




Executive Director

Ms. Carol Rochefort

Executive Director

Canadian Society of Physician Leaders

875 Carling Avenue, Suite 323

Ottawa, ON  K1S 5P1

Telephone: 613 369-8322 ext. 100



Membership Application

Who Should Join?


All physician leaders and managers, physician executives and any other physician interested in enhancing his or her effectiveness and involvement in system, institutional, organization or group management.

All physician change leaders, innovators, movers and shakers.


Join the CSPL or renew your membership on line: click here >>


Ms. Carol Rochefort, CAE

Executive Director

Canadian Society of Physician Leaders

875 Carling Avenue, Suite 323

Ottawa, ON  K1S 5P1


Telephone: 613 369-8322 ext. 100



Membership fee: $155 (+ HST)

Medical students/residents: $35  (+ HST)


Payment: Please make cheque payable to the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders

CSPL Presidents

CSPL Presidents



Dr. Chris Carruthers (First President and Founder)  Ottawa, ON            2000 – 2007

Dr. Donald H. Atkinson                                              Orillia, ON              2007 – 2009

Dr. Gaétan Tardif                                                        Toronto, ON           2009 – 2011

Dr. Gillian Kernaghan                                                 London, ON           2011 – 2013

Dr. Johny Van Aerde                                                  Ladysmith, BC       2013 – 2015

Dr. Lynne Harrigan                                                     Halifax, NS             2015 – 2017

Dr. Becky Temple                                                        Fort St. John, BC  2017 – 2019