Bringing Your Leadership to Life Through the 4Cs:

Character, Competence, Connection and Culture



When? Tuesdays, November 8th, 15th and 22nd / 7 PM EST / 2-hr classes

How much? $375 members / $475 non-members



Leadership development is an integral physician skill. Competence, Character, Connection and Culture are critical for effective influence and leadership. “The 4Cs of Influence Framework”, integrates these four key dimensions of leadership, and prioritizes their longitudinal development, across the health professions and medical education learning continuum. As leadership requires foundational skills and knowledge, a leader must be competent to exert positive influence. Character  Based Leadership stresses development and commitment to values and principles, in the face of everyday situational pressures. If competence confers the ability to do the right thing, character  is the will to do it consistently.  Next, leaders must build relationships, fostering connection. Building coalitions with extensive and diverse networks ensure different perspectives are integrated and valued. Connected leadership involves inspiration, authenticity, collaboration and engagement. To create a thriving, health promoting learning environment, culture  will hold everything together.


Program Learning Objectives:

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the 4Cs of Influence Framework along with their relationship to effective influence and leadership
  • Reflect on current leadership practices using the 4Cs of Influence framework
  • Integrate the 4Cs of Influence Framework into leadership approaches across the health system, including within education and mentorship


Teaching/facilitation methods:

Using a clinical case-based illustrative model, the course provides a reimagined but practical framework to prepare physicians, medical learners, and other health care providers to be engaging influencers and leaders in the health system based upon the 4Cs of Character, Competence, Connection and Culture. Dialogue around each of the Cs, relating to the case and to personal scenarios provided by participants will be facilitated. Practical application of the 4Cs framework will be integrated throughout the program.



The 4Cs of Influence provides a novel framework for influence and leadership education in the health professions. This framework is a way of thinking and practicing leadership that goes beyond competence approaches and provides educators with an accessible and practical means to address this complex issue.


Target Audience:

All physicians interested in developing their leadership and influence skills. In particular, early and mid career physicians hoping to add to the leadership toolbox. There are special sections in our program centered around educating and mentoring others.



Special Note:



Dr. Victor Do

University of Toronto, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto


Dr. Jerry M. Maniate

University of Ottawa, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa


Dr. Lyn K. Sonnenberg

University of Alberta, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Edmonton


Dr. Nabil Sultan

Western University, London Health Sciences Centre, London



Please note that due to the interactive nature of this course, it will not be recorded.