CSPL Listserv

The CSPL “member only listserv” currently reaches over 600 members.  These emails are direct to members.  Members who do not want to receive these postings can unsubscribe at the bottom of the posting.  Any CSPL member can reinstate or decline to be on the listserv.


Posting of Positions

The hospital/institution, organization, or search firm will contact the CSPL when a job position becomes available for posting. A full detailed job description of the position along with contact information, deadlines and qualifications will accompany each posting.



The CSPL will make the first contact with the hospital/institution, organization or search firm.  The sender of the position will not have access to the CSPL member’s emails.  The process of posting positions will be done directly to members through the CSPL office.  Once a member makes contact with the sender to apply for a position or get further information about a specific posting, the CSPL will no longer have any contact between the two parties.



There is a set fee ($525.00 plus applicable taxes) for posting job opportunities on the CSPL listserv.  Each job opportunity will be considered one posting.  All jobs will be posted first and an invoice will follow.


Questions and/or Comments