Partners and Associates

American Association for Physician Leadership

The American Association for Physician Leadership® is the preeminent U.S. organization for physician leaders. Doctors who hold leadership and management positions who want to boost their effectiveness and their CVs have a partner here.

Canadian Medical Protective Association

Canadian Medical Association

Physician Leadership Institute (PLI)

The Physician Leadership Institute was previously known as the Physician Management Institute (PMI).


The Physician Leadership Institute offers a comprehensive suite of leadership programs and resources, including PLI courses  – all designed to meet physicians’ needs throughout their careers.

Canadian Health Leadership Network

Our aim is to support the advancement of exemplary health care leaders in Canada. To accomplish this we’ve established a network of partners across the country – all dedicated to the same cause. Together we can create environments that enable and support the development of outstanding health care leadership.


sanokondu is an international  community of practice dedicated to fostering health professional leadership education worldwide.  The name derives from a loose adaptation of 'health leadership' in the universal language of Esperanto, attesting to the commitment of the members to work together across geographic, language and regulatory divide.  sanokondu’s existence is predicated on the idea that healthcare providers in all disciplines must have the knowledge and skills required to effect transformative change in order to optimize healthcare at the individual and societal level.  sanokondu ’s vehicles for  education dissemination include publications, international symposia, and most importantly, an open access competency based leadership curriculum that can be adapted to the local context.