Webinar 1


Blind spots that make your coalitions fail ... again


Tuesday, July 6th, 19:00-20:00 EDT


Coalitions can take on many different faces, from total failures to true partnerships. They fail mostly because the relationship has not been established purposefully and because the political (small p) is not being navigated with skill. As a result, trust is low or lacking.


These two capabilities of the LEADS domain of ‘Develop coalitions’ will be explored in an interactive webinar, offering some take-home possibilities and actions. Developing coalitions was very important during the chronic phase of the pandemic and will become even more important if we want to build on what we learned and apply that after the pandemic toward innovation in and transformation of the many fragmented elements of the Canadian health system.


Presenter:  Dr. Johny Van Aerde is Executive Medical Director of the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders and founding editor of the Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership .  He has 25 years of experience as a neonatologist in the Canadian health system, the first 10 as a clinician-researcher, the next 15 in different regional, provincial, and national leadership roles. He holds a PhD in Medical Sciences and a Master’s degree in Health Leadership Studies. Johny practices systems theory by living in a self-sustainable house and by exploring forest regeneration, while his wife grows year-round organic food in Ladysmith, BC.


Webinar 2


Fight or flight: solutions to team conflict


Tuesday, July 13th, 19:00-20:00 EDT


The management of team conflict and resolution of multi-party disputes has taken on a new face in today’s health care environment. Organizations are operating with fewer resources and higher client expectations. Physicians Leaders need to know how to be effective participants and users of dispute resolution processes. Physician executives need to understand the different types of dispute resolution mechanisms and how they can be accessed. This webinar will demonstrate how physician leaders can anticipate, effectively plan and act in situations involving team clashes.


Presenter: Qualified in nursing, law and mediation, Anne Grant holds the national designation of Chartered Mediator, and obtained her Masters-in-Law in ADR from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1997. Anne has practised dispute resolution full-time since 1994, including extensive mediation of civil and labour disputes as well as facilitation of poisoned work environment issues and human rights investigation.  Recipient of an Excellence in Teaching Award from the University of Toronto, Anne is a facilitator for Physician Leadership Courses through CMA Joule™ and teaches as a member of the Labour Relations Faculty at the Queen’s IRC.


Webinar 3


LEADS: The DNA of  health leadership


Tuesday, July 20th 19:00-20:00 EDT


The source code of life is the DNA molecule. Each molecule comprises a common set of nucleotides but combines them so that we all have features that make us human, but how those features express themselves makes us unique.  So it is with the LEADS framework. Its 5 domains and 20 capabilities are the source code of leadership for all of us in health care, regardless of profession, age, or role. However, how each of us combine those is deeply personal, and enables us to create a unique and powerful leadership presence.


In this webinar we will outline the scope and spread of LEADS as a common language of leadership in Canada, provide an overview of the LEADS domains and capabilities that define effective health leadership, and show how each of us can give LEADS the personal expression it requires for you to become a truly effective physician leader.


Presenter: Graham Dickson, PhD, is the CEO of LEADS Global, a not-for-profit enterprise that works closely with colleagues in Canada and abroad to enable countries outside of Canada to use LEADS for leadership development. He has designed and/or delivered leadership programs in over 10 countries world-wide. Graham is the Research Advisor for CHLNet, and Senior Research Advisor for CSPL, as well as the 2020 recipient of CCHL's Distinguished Leadership Award.


Webinar 4


Great chair, great meeting


Tuesday, July 27th 19:00-20:00 EDT



Ever felt indifferent about or even dreaded meetings?  Do you wish you never had to attend another meeting that lacked focus, seemed unfair, and that went overtime?  While everyone present at a meeting shares the responsibility to make it effective, the chair has some special opportunities to really make a difference.  Over an hour, we will go over some thoughts and tips to help you enjoy meetings, and become the most popular meeting chair ever!


Presenter: Dr. Carl Nohr is the current Speaker of the Representative Forum and Director for the National Association of Parliamentarians. He is also the Alberta Director and Vice Chair of the Canadian Medical Association Board and serves as Chair of the Governance Committee. He has served as a Past President of the Alberta Medical Association and on Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. He has a passion for equity, patient care and professionalism.