Webinar 1


Understanding the Importance of Boards and Your Role


Thurs, Sep 24 19:00-20:00 EDT

Plus 30 minute Q&A post webinar

As physicians we are major stakeholders in the health care system. This webinar will discuss the reasons why physicians should take an interest in boards and how well they function.


To help you improve your performance as a board member and encourage good board performance we will discuss the following and more:

  • The types and roles of boards
  • The importance of physicians being board members
  • Achieving diversity amongst board members
  • Fiduciary duties and conflict of interest
  • The agendas of successful board meetings
  • Board performance evaluation

Presenter:  Dr. Carruthers is a retired orthopedic surgeon.  He has been a director of 26 boards.  Presently he is the chair of the CMA Foundation, CMAH2018 and the Mach-Gaensslen Foundation.



 Webinar 2


Why Coaching Matters Now


Tues, Oct 13 19:00-20:00 EDT

Plus 30 minute Q&A post webinar

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Coaching has emerged as an essential tool for the caring professions. The evidence and research show that it can be a powerful way to renew your own professional vitality. Do you want to reduce that sinking feeling when people bring their problems to you? Do you want to learn how to manage those conversations in a way that keeps the accountability where it belongs? Or, if you are already recognizing the signs of burnout and compassion fatigue in yourself, find out how being coached can help you refocus and get more of what really matters in your life. In this hour-long webinar we will explore what coaching is, and why it has become so meaningful in recent years. Although some concepts may relate to more familiar models of sports coaching, this webinar is about goal focused conversations in professional and workpla ce relationships. What is the difference between coaching, mentorship and sponsorship, and how coaching compares to other structured conversations like motivational interviewing, solution based therapies and cognitive behaviour methodology.


Presenter:  Dr. Nancy Merrow is a Certified Executive Coach with extensive experience in family medicine, palliative care and medical leadership. We invite you into a conversation with Nancy about the impact of coaching to change the energy dynamic for you in professional encounters including patient care, teaching, and leading others. If you are at a transition point, find out how coaching can guide you to the optimal outcome of your decisions.



Webinar 3


Enhancing Meeting Effectiveness


Thurs, Oct 29 11:00-12:00 EDT

Plus 30 minute Q&A post webinar

Meeting leaders often express concerns about managing the meeting discussion so that all members have an opportunity to contribute to the discussion while ensuring that the meeting stays on track and decisions get made.


When meetings go off track, it is often the result of broader meeting conditions which can unintentionally interfere with meeting effectiveness.  Meeting leaders who are able to Identify and understand these conditions can then then use this knowledge to increase both member engagement and productivity.


This webinar will focus on creating the conditions for an engaging and productive meeting; by “setting the stage” for a safe, productive and comfortable “space” which fosters team problem solving and decision making.


Learning Objectives


Participants will review the First Steps, a best practice for getting the meeting off to a good start.  It includes:


  • Creating the context, the “Why” for having the meeting
  • Clarifying meeting goals, meeting roles and meeting processes
  • Agreeing to rules of engagement
  • Conducting a meeting “Check-in”


Presenters:  Monica Olsen, MHRD, BScN, BA, is a health care organizational development consultant with over 30 years of experience working with physician and other health care leaders.


Mary Yates, BA (Hons), MEd, has spent more than 35 years in the business of helping individuals, teams, and organizations change, the last several of those years working with physicians in the areas of personal leadership and team effectiveness.



Webinar 4


Overview: financial and managerial accounting for physician leaders


Wed, Nov 18 19:00-20:00 EST

Plus 30 minute Q&A post webinar


The following learning objectives will be discussed:


  • Contrast financial and managerial/cost accounting and describe scenarios   where each may be applicable in the work of a physician executive
  • Participate in a brief analysis of audited financial statements of select Hospitals
  • Define and use common accounting terms, such as fixed and variable costs, incremental costs, and contribution margin analysis
  • Apply cost and budgeting techniques in making real-life decisions as a physician executive


Presenter: Dr.  Brian E. Cummings, CPA, CA, MD, FRCPC, Staff Pathologist, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Grand River Hospital and Saint Mary’s General Hospital, Kitchener, ON